We are assisting a Family from the local community of Soshanguve

to market and expand their sales of African Bead-Art and other crafts Nationally.

“Empomalesu” were formed from the first two letters of each living daughter’s name, and one of the daughter’s son to be representative of the enterprise. Coincidentally the name phonetically relates to the word ” Impumelezo”  as sometimes used in the Ndebele and Zulu languages. The word has it’s origin in the Xhosa word “impumelelo” which means – success through working together.

As a Company we embrace the spirit in this beautiful word.

The Kabini Family Legacy.

This entrepreneurial enterprise started back in 1962, when Mrs. Anna Kabini began selling african bead arts on the street sidewalks at the Pretoria Zoological Gardens . This was 32 years before the end of the Apartheid Government, and contest of her resilience during difficult political times to make a living for her family.

In 1983, the Zoo constructed stone Stalls, and she moved into stall number 13. Unfortunately she would never see the day when Mr. Nelson Mandela became the first African President of South Africa after his release from prison, as she sadly passed away at the age of 64 years in 1984. 







On the Left : Mrs. Anna Kabini, with her last born daughter, Eva kabini, who would unfortunately pass away 1 year after her birth.

Below are the photographs of her remaining daughters and the son of Mrs. Leah Masombuka.

They took over the stall after the passing of their Mother, Anna Kabini, and to this day make and sell their bead-art and crafts from stall number 13.

Mrs. Emma Chauke

Mrs. Maria Kabini

Mr. Sunnyboy Masombuka

Mrs. Leah Masombuka

Mrs. Poppy Kabini